Scholtz Consulting is one of the very few truly independent security consulting companies. We render all services in-house and do not use external entities or resources for any of our procedures.

Scholtz Consulting | Security Consulting Company

Our logo is the essence of what we stand for. The atom kernel is one of the hardest “matter” around. We are hard in terms of our commitment to do things right and are measuring ourselves against our own procedures and outcome. The pyramid is the magnification of time and symbolises the existence through time.

Over the last years, we have been contracted by other consultants to assist with procedures like design and project management.

Our main goal is to become the security consultants to which all other security consultants will measure themselves. This will be achieved by sound procedures, transparent actions for the end user, and solutions that work. Adding to this the relationships that we build and critically manage, we believe that we are different and are achieving successes that are above the rest.

Meet the team

Scholtz Consulting | Security Consulting Company

Willem Scholtz

Scholtz Consulting | Security Consulting Company

Kobus Scholtz